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Case Study

Caden Lane Uses Interactive Email to Collect 1000's of New Data Points for Personalization

November 24, 2023
Case Study

Zox Sends Email Game That Generates 2.5 million Clicks and 6x Boost In Revenue

November 21, 2023
Case Study

Gainful Collects 16x More Data On Churned Customers With Interactive Surveys

November 15, 2023
Case Study

Kitsch interactive Labor Day game email generates 4x revenue than other campaigns

October 5, 2023
Case Study

Dr. Squatch uses Spellbound to drive 30% more SMS subscribers per email campaign

June 20, 2023
Case Study

How interactive emails led to a 10% increase in Welcome Flow revenue and 3X ROI for Immi

January 16, 2023
Case Study

How Unspun Used Spellbound to Collect 50% More Feedback on Their Jeans

October 7, 2022
Case Study

Enabling Interactive Emails with Spellbound: Revela

October 5, 2022
Case Study

How Kaja Beauty (MBX) Increased Reviews by 2.8x Using Spellbound

September 16, 2022
Case Study

How Mailgun Saw 80% More Webinar Registrations with Interactive Email Invites

September 16, 2022
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