Case Study
Enabling Interactive Emails with Spellbound: Revela
Akshaya Dinesh
October 5, 2022

Revela provides scientifically confirmed hair regrowth treatments with ProCelinyl, the world’s first and only molecule that directly targets hair follicle health, to help individuals win the fight against hair loss. Founded by scientists from Harvard and MIT, Revela was founded based on the belief that real, scientific results should define not only products used, but also the very ingredients within them.

We worked with Claire Webster (Digital Marketing Coordinator) and Evan Zhao (Co-Founder, CEO) at Revela to supports them in increasing conversion rates from email marketing. Specifically, we discuss:

  • Revela’s goals for working with Spellbound & implementing SMS opt-in widgets in their interactive emails via Postscript
  • How Spellbound could work Revela while the brand continues to scale their customer base and email volume

Before Working with Spellbound:

Prior to working with Spellbound, Revela had already established a welcome series wherein everyone who signs up via a pop up or opts into marketing following their purchase will receive around four emails over the course of three to four weeks. Additionally, the team had set up an abandoned cart (ending in a discount) and abandoned browse flow (one email).

Given that the brand was quickly expanding (from the hair revival serum being the only purchasable item) to a wider range of product offerings (brow serum, growth concentrate, etc). Even though the brand had set up different email flows manually for each of their product offerings, they wanted to be able to automate the process of allowing customers to shop all of their product offerings altogether within the email body.

Apart from their traditional welcome series and abandoned cart / abandon browse flows, Revela had launched a number of seasonal campaigns, with emails being sent out on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Memorial Day. Looking ahead, Claire wanted to be able to automate the process of sending emails and develop a level of interactivity in the brand’s campaigns in the existing email flows.

Revela’s internal email open rate metrics had been performing well, but the brand was still concerned about the conversion rates from the initial click rate. Specifically, the brand wanted to know whether their high frequency of clicks could be attributed to larger purchase volumes and real customers.

Despite their email list and the brand being relatively nascent, Revela wanted to push forward and setup their email flow so that they would be able to comfortably scale. In their post-purchase flow, the brand had considered being able to recommend complementary products that customers might find useful as well. Generally, however, Revela wanted to make sure that their customers were really able to engage with the brand by sharing their feedback, making additional purchases, and being able to see complementary products or their product of choice in the appropriate email flows.

Working with Spellbound:

Revela launched their welcome flow, abandoned cart, abandoned browse emails with Spellbound - here's a clip of their welcome series email sent out via Spellbound:

With Spellbound, Revela was able to resolve issues they were experiencing with Recharge, as well as launch support tickets for account management and in-email interactive widgets to allow customers to manage their purchases. By enabling customers to shop from directly within their emails and opt into SMS, Revela was able to see their customers engage directly with their products - whether that be by clicking through products they had left in cart or by exploring suggested products from their initial welcome email.

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