Case Study
How Unspun Used Spellbound to Collect 50% More Feedback on Their Jeans
Akshaya Dinesh
October 7, 2022

Unspun creates custom-fit jeans to fit all bodies. Unspun's team of industry veterans, artists, and engineers intend to design a regenerative, sustainable, responsible, intentional future. WIth the mission to make the design, manufacturing, and consumption of fashion intentional, Unspun caters to all individuals by producing intentional, sustainable pieces.

We sat down with Kevin Martin from Unspun to understand how Spellbound supports Unspun in providing interactivity within their emails, specifically when collecting feedback from their customers.

We discuss:

  • How Spellbound used Typeform to collect feedback and reviews in the post-purchase flow
  • Interactivity within emails and why brands need to mitigate friction in navigating to external sites
  • Working with Spellbound's team and responsiveness / ease of adoption during the onboarding process

Prior to Using Spellbound

Before using Spellbound, Unspun was largely working with static emails that would require their customers to navigate away from their inbox to input feedback or reviews. Because the brand creates custom-fit jeans designed with a specific end customer in mind, Unspun wanted to ensure that they were able to collect customer feedback and respond accordingly. Given that their jeans are made-to-order, Unspun was concerned about potential issues arising in the process of designing their custom denim.

After Implementing Spellbound's Interactive Emails

After Unspun began to make their emails interactive, the brand was able to send out interactive emails to customers who had purchased their jeans, enabling them respond directly within their inbox. By simplifying the process of responding to their surveys, Unspun allowed customers to indicate any issues with fit or sizing without any additional barriers (e.g. collecting reviews on a separate site). If customers responded with additional input on tweaks to made, they could include any feedback on their jeans, along with any concerns about their denim upon arrival.

Based on customers' responses to the interactive survey, Unspun could then send a follow-up email indicating that they could help with the process of finding the right fit. By ensuring that their customers could find their perfect jeans, Unspun's interactive reviews and post-purchase surveys have helped the brand maintain their mission of creating sustainable, custom jeans for all individuals.

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