How Kaja Beauty (MBX) Increased Reviews by 2.8x Using Spellbound

Collect more customer feedback and show social proof on your storefront by removing friction for submitting reviews.
Akshaya Dinesh
September 16, 2022

Kaja Beauty (pronounced "kah-jah," meaning "let's go" in Korean) is K-beauty for everyone, all skin types and tones. From adorable packaging on the outside to sensorial formulas on the inside, Kaja creates made-to-play products packed with Korean innovation that go where your imagination takes you.

We sat down with Xenia (Ecommerce Manager, Makeup), Vivienne (Director of D2C / E-commerce North America), and Jasmine (E-commerce coordinator) from Kaja Beauty to understand how Spellbound supports Kaja in boosting conversion rates from email marketing. Specifically, we discuss:

  • Kaja’s goals for working with Spellbound & implementing their first interactive email
  • How they used Spellbound’s Klaviyo and Junip integrations to make sure data didn’t leave their stack
  • How Spellbound’s fast technical support & guided implementation makes it feel more like an agency than a product

Goals for Kaja Beauty

Kaja’s Marketing Approach

Prior to Spellbound, Kaja had an organic, influencer-led adoption approach (including TikTok) to driving new users to the brand. They also have a unique marketing philosophy in focusing on “organic” channels rather than paid advertising to build a community around the brand.

Because of their partnership with Sephora, Kaja was also struggling to maintain a unique brand voice for their DTC business, and they realized that they needed to build a long-term relationship with their customers over email to increase long-term loyalty and retention.

Increasing Customer Engagement

Kaja Beauty relies entirely on Klaviyo for email marketing, and they were noticing that their open rates were consistently pretty high (hovering around ~50%), but they were struggling to increase their CTR (click through rate) and get people back on their Shopify site.

Jasmine (Kaja’s e-commerce coordinator) voiced that “customers want to answer us, they want to be involved. We care about their opinions - we see that emails help with conversion in terms of making them feel involved and that we do care.”

Especially without the inclusion of a new product or promotion, customers had no incentive to engage with the brand or click through any emails. They needed a new way to get people engaged after opening an email!

How Kaja Used Spellbound for Reviews

“Spellbound provides features that other companies are lacking.”

After Dino Ha, MBX’s CEO, spoke with the Spellbound team, they decided to onboard Kaja Beauty to Spellbound! In particular, they were excited about the prospect of being able to increase user engagement post-purchase by embedding interactive review forms inside their Post-Purchase Flow in Klaviyo. We integrated their Junip account to Spellbound, to make sure that all new reviews coming from the interactive emails were still displayed on their Shopify store to help with social proof for new customers.

Kaja’s reviews email, powered by Spellbound

“We’ve seen a lot of reviews happen because of the interactivity. I think overall, Spellbound makes it a very easy experience for customers.” - Jasmine

Within just the first few weeks of implementing Spellbound, the interactive version of the email helped Kaja boost their current reviews response rate by 2.8x (compared to Kaja’s static review email).

Prior to sending interactive emails via Spellbound, Kaja’s customers would have to click an external link in their emails before being directed to a reviews page where they could submit their responses. Spellbound removed this additional friction by embedding review collection directly within the email, allowing Kaja’s customers to provide their feedback on recently purchased products with ease. The best part: Spellbound integrates directly with Klaviyo so nothing has to change with their ESP.

Experience Working With Us

One of Kaja’s favorite parts of working with Spellbound was how hands-on we are with implementation and technical support. We walked Jasmine through every step of the initial onboarding, spent hours with her discussing campaign strategy, design, and implementation, and have dedicated ourselves to ensuring Kaja’s success. It can sometimes file like Spellbound is an extension of the Kaja marketing team rather than just a product.

Favorite part of working with Spellbound?

“You guys are always open to hearing about what our concerns are and how you can help us as a brand. The features are really cool and the team is also very fast and efficient. Whenever there is a problem, you are always really on it and very fast.”

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