How interactive emails led to a 10% increase in Welcome Flow revenue and 3X ROI for Immi

See how the world’s first low-carb, high-protein ramen brand, Immi, is using Spellbound to convert shoppers, increase revenue, and maximize their Klaviyo email list.
Akshaya Dinesh
January 16, 2023

Kevin Lee went from spending the past decade in tech to tackling a $42 billion food category by building Immi, a better-for-you Asian American food brand that's created the world's first low carb, high protein instant ramen.

Immi’s goal with using Spellbound was to streamline email conversions, increase revenue earned through Klaviyo and make it as easy as possible for customers to complete a purchase. In this short case study (4 minute read), we show you:

  • How an embedded Shopify interactive widget inside immi's Welcome Flow led to a 10% more in revenue
  • Why Immi and electrIQ, their email marketing agency, worked with Spellbound for custom branding
  • Immi's positive experience with Spellbound's onboarding process

To find out how interactive emails completely changed customer acquisition for immi, keep reading.

Or as Kevin loves to say, slurp on!

Before Spellbound: The More Is Not Always Merrier

Prior to using Spellbound, immi was worried about losing customers by having too many steps in their email marketing sequence. New subscribers who were receiving the Welcome Flow after leaving their email on immi’s website had to switch between apps and click multiple links before completing a purchase, which led to fewer conversions. The problem we set out to tackle: how can we allow customers to learn about immi, find their preferred flavors and add products to cart all within the email itself?

The answer: by adding a touch of magic.

How Spellbound Led to a 10% Increase in Revenue in A/B Test

In their interactive welcome series (implemented with Spellbound), immi’s customers could pan through product images, read through product descriptions and choose their desired quantity of ramen packs – without leaving the email app on their phone. Whether you were choosing between Spicy Beef or Black Garlic Chicken ramen, you could do it all within seconds and complete checkout with one click. Through split-testing their static versus interactive Welcome Flow, the winner was clear – interactive emails drove a 10% increase in total revenue and an overall 3X ROI.

Partnering with Email Agency to Keep Custom Branding

Once you’ve seen immi's website, you don't forget it. The bright, yellow background with bold, black text, layered with mouthwatering product images creates a brand that stands out. Even with upgraded interactive emails, the Welcome Flow stays true to the brand. The Spellbound team worked directly alongside immi’s email marketing agency, ElectrIQ, to make changes on our widgets that matches their custom branding. For Kevin, he simply had to review the final email before we clicked publish – no extra work added.

Quick & Simple Onboarding Process

There are fewer things more intimidating than a founder’s to-do list. And we recognize that. Our goal with onboarding any new brand is to keep things as simple as possible. We asked Kevin to share the experience in his own words.

“The Spellbound integration was very simple, Akshaya shared a few use case scenarios with us and we decided to prioritize working on the Welcome Flow. The team was very accommodating and used custom CSS styling to make sure the integration was on-brand for us. I’m already excited for us to launch Spellbound into more flows and campaigns for immi”. - Kevin Lee, Co-Founder of immi

So What’s Next?

We’re working on adding interactive elements for immi's Abandon Browse and Abandon Checkout Flows next to increase ROI as well as launching their first-ever interactive Campaign.

Want to add a touch of magic to your brand’s emails? Book a 15-min demo with us here!

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