Kitsch interactive Labor Day game email generates 4x revenue than other campaigns

Learn how Spellbound helped Kitsch send a gamified email that generated a boost in clicks, revenue and overall engagement.
Brian Blum
October 5, 2023

“Working with the Spellbound team has been a dream. They’ve supported us with strategy, implementation and any questions we have - they answer.” - Sammy Patten, Director of Retention.

Overview: Kitsch is a female-focused hair care brand that is carried nationally in Ulta and other big box stores. They have a large audience who loves to engage with the brand. Looking to stand out in their customers’ inboxes, Kitsch tasked Spellbound with building a gamified email for its labor day sale. Read on to see the results…

The challenge

Kitsch’s upcoming labor day promotion needed some spice.

With so many brands sending out the same “batch & blast” emails with 10-20% off, the question became: how can we stand out in our customers’ inbox?

After chatting with the Spellbound team about previous success stories with this exact problem, the answer became clear.

To design a gamified email on Labor Day.

Once the decision had been made, the teams got to work on brainstorming the design and feel of the game.

The Solution

After the success of previous gamified emails, one thing had become clear.

Engagement correlates positively with revenue.

So, to drive more clicks and engagement in the email, a game was devised.

Taking inspiration from the Feastables “deal or no deal” style campaign, Kitsch and Spellbound devised a game that fit the branding of Kitsch.

Recipients could click a mirror to reveal their discount, which in turn took them to an exclusive link with the 25% off applied site-wide.

See the Labor Day email in action.

How was the email built?

The Kitsch design team provided a Figma file from their design team, which the Spellbound team then turned to life as a fully ready-to-go template imported into their Klaviyo account.

Throughout the weekend, the Kitsch team sent 3 more emails that weren't interactive but included the same discount. Despite differences in total opens, the “placed order” rate for the gamified email was 2.5x higher on average than those other campaigns.

The results

Overall, the campaign was a huge success.

Key Stats: 2.5x higher CTR, 3x as high placed order rate and most importantly - the highest revenue generating email of Q3.

“Spellbound gives us a new toolkit for engaging with our customers. As cool as that is, its even better to see it connected to driving incremental revenue.” - Sammy Patten, Director of Retention

In addition to the gamified email, Kitsch is using Spellbound for a Welcome Flow Customer Preferences Survey and Post Purchase survey to gather more zero party data on its customers.

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