Case Study
Caden Lane Uses Interactive Email to Collect 1000's of New Data Points for Personalization
Welcome Survey, Post Purchase Surveys and Games lead to significant engagement boost.
Brian Blum
November 24, 2023

Read on for how Caden Lane is collecting critical data and increasing email engagement to improve its relationship with its customers.

Caden Lane is a leading baby apparel brand with millions of happy families as customers nationwide.

Launched in 2004, the business predicates itself on one thing: knowing their customer.

Having a baby is a memorable and deeply special time for any family. The clothes they outfit their child with play a big part in what those memories look like.

Understanding this, Caden Lane has a goal with its customers: to create a positive, two-way relationship. That starts with knowing their preferences, important details about their lives, and not spamming their inbox with bland emails. The team tasked Spellbound to help them collect this information and create new, fun experiences through games in their campaigns.

We sat down with Casey Frankel, Director of Marketing Activations at Caden Lane, to chat about her experience using the platform.

What has been the response from your customers about using Spellbound?

Our customers love it - we hear that they’re fun and memorable emails, which we think helps contribute to their success.

For example, Caden Lane sent this interactive card flip widget during Labor Day to wow their customers with an engaging game to unlock a discount.

Where do you see the most ROI from using Interactive widgets?

We get the most data from the survey tools - the BFCM Holiday survey allowed us to add extra campaigns to our calendar to meet customer expectations and drive additional revenue. We also use the surveys in our flows to collect first-person information in an exciting, new way for our customers. The birthday tool was especially helpful for us because we collect birthdays AND birth due dates with years.

One exciting use case for interactive surveys? Their Post Purchase Flow.

Caden Lane asks a couple of key questions:

Caden Lane's Post Purchase Survey

This survey garners a 10% completion rate, providing the marketing team with thousands more data points per month to shape their decisions.

Gathering these answers helps the team do a few things:

1. Better segment their customers

Each customer has a different experience with your brand. It’s important to group them by their satisfaction, and likelihood to recommend is a great metric to track this. More satisfied customers → better open rates, less unsubscribes, more profitable emails and deeper ongoing relationships.

2. Shape their offers + messaging

Once a customer purchases an item from you, its incredibly important to understand future buying behavior. Caden Lane asks: what is the next thing you might want? This insight helps direct product strategy, messaging and offers in the future.

For example, Caden Lane is a brand exclusively providing baby clothes. However, some of their customers indicated wanting matching sets for their teens. Some want blankets, some want toys. And while you can’t please everyone, trend spotting amongst these responses makes new product rollouts that much more likely to be successful. It helps to survey customers after they have ordered, as that’s when they’re most likely to engage with your emails.

3. Provide more visibility into attribution

Seeing conflicting attribution data from the various ad platforms, Shopify, Klaviyo and Google Analytics gives operators a real headache. Thankfully, most customers will try their best to let you know where they heard about you first. By gathering this data, brands can improve channel mix, spend allocation and what element of creative to invest in.

Casey had this to say about the importance of incorporating the survey in their Post Purchase Flow:

The order confirmation page is valuable real estate for us, so when we have campaigns or activations that take higher priority, we utilize the survey tool in a post-purchase email flow to help capture additional information about their experience without bombarding the customers. Having that flexibility allows us to pivot whenever we need to, so that we never have to shut down that opportunity to collect information.

As the leading baby apparel brand, its no surprise to see the Caden Lane team effectively using email to improve their marketing efficiency. We’re excited to continue supporting them and making email an amazing experience for their customers.

Looking to incorporate interactive emails in your marketing strategy? Book a demo today!

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