Case Study
How Mailgun Saw 80% More Webinar Registrations with Interactive Email Invites
Why send your audience to a landing page when they can register inside their emails?
Akshaya Dinesh
September 16, 2022

Mailgun is the leading email delivery service for businesses around the world - providing customers with APIs to send, receive, and track emails. Trusted by over 100,000+ businesses, Mailgun enables teams to design emails within minutes, providing scalable sending infrastructure, accurate email verification, and managed email delivery for higher volume senders.

We sat down with the Mailgun team to better understand how Spellbound helped Mailgun in driving higher conversions (from email opens to webinar registrations) in announcing their new product launch for the InboxReady product by hosting a webinar with Salesforce.

At a high level:

  • Spellbound successfully helped Mailgun drive higher conversions by making the sign-up action frictionless within an interactive email
  • We integrated with the Mailgun and Livestorm APIs to ensure that data stayed within the existing Mailgun stack
  • We supported in the initial onboarding process, facilitating the seamless send of Mailgun’s first batch of interactive emails

The Problem

Mailgun was concerned about generating enough sign-ups for an upcoming InboxReady webinar with Salesforce. Specifically, they realized that redirecting users to an external page where they could then sign-up for the event was creating unnecessary friction in the process.

In an effort to reduce friction between hearing about the webinar and actually attending, Mailgun decided to work with Spellbound to create an interactive email for their users to register directly from their inbox. This also helps establish Mailgun as an innovator in the email industry!

What We Did

To ensure that Spellbound aligned with Mailgun’s existing email automation stack, Spellbound integrated with Mailgun’s Livestorm account to fetch all the registration questions for the event automatically, and generated the interactive registration form in no-code. All new responses from the email widget were immediately also registered in the Livestorm dashboard.

In addition to integrating with Livestorm, Spellbound also integrated with the Mailgun API to send emails from their existing sending domain. We sent out a total of ~140K emails to Mailgun customers.

Here’s a video of the interactive email that was sent in production:

By using Spellbound to send an interactive version of their event sign-up email, Mailgun saw a much higher conversion rate for the interactive email recipients (email opens to actual number of registrations) by an increase of 81.9%.

User Feedback

User feedback on Mailgun's interactive emails

Mailgun was so pleased with the positive feedback they received from launching their interactive webinar emails! In fact, a number of users commented that they loved being able to see an AMP version of an otherwise static webinar registration email.

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