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Using Spellbound’s SMS Collection Widget for List Growth - Early Access
Looking to grow your SMS list? Here’s a tried and true method to collecting SMS consent from your email list, amplified by Spellbound.
Brian Blum
July 20, 2023

As a DTC brand, it’s likely your SMS list is smaller than your email list.

Yet, despite the difference in total size - revenue generated per recipient on SMS is typically much higher. To increase the efficiency of your SMS marketing, it’s important to find creative ways to grow your SMS list.

One strategy to leverage is teasing early access to new products/sales as a way to drive SMS signups.

Checkout this example from our friends at Hexclad:

Say you have an upcoming marketing event (holiday sale, new product launch, inventory restock) to promote to your email list.

Instead of just announcing it the day of, try sending a campaign the week prior letting them know something exciting is coming.

One way to capture the highest intent customers is to cut them a deal: Subscribe to our SMS list, and get priority access to the upcoming launch. Move straight to the front of the line.

The issue with sending out any link in email is the friction of clicking out to another landing page. Thankfully, with Spellbound’s embedded widgets, your audience can fill out their information without ever loading another screen.

DTC brands like Dr. Squatch, Hexclad and Immi all leverage this tech to grow their highly profitable SMS lists.

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