Maximizing Engagement: feastables drives 10% click rate with interactive email

See how feastables leveraged Spellbound's interactive email builder to generate a sustained engagement boost amongst their audience.

The need to know:

  • Feastables built a custom interactive “don’t click this” campaign
  • 44% open rate, 10.6% click rate (!)
  • 2.9x’ed click rate in last 30 days vs prev period

Leveraging interactivity for a 10% click rate

Most brands that use Spellbound like to get creative with their emails. But at Feastables, they take it to another level.

MrBeast’s better-for-you chocolate brand has a massive retail presence, with distribution in Walmart, Albertson’s and other big box stores. But their DTC arm is sizable in its own right. Tasked with big shoes to fill, the team has quickly become one of the most innovative in the space.

“Our goal in using Spellbound has been to increase engagement within emails, whether thats through shopping, reviews or sms collection. At Feastables, it’s important for us to stay innovative and deliver a sense of novelty to our audience. They expect to be ‘wowed’ and Spellbound helps us do that with our emails.”, Joseph Siegel, Director of Retention for Feastables said.

Since their first interactive campaign on March 19th, that is exactly what’s happened. In this short case study (4 min read), you’ll learn where the campaign idea came from, how it was executed and the lasting impact it had on their audience’s behavior with subsequent emails.

Looking for a boost in engagement

Having the biggest creator in the world as a spokesperson helps drive top of funnel, and as a result Feastables has a super large email list. MrBeast’s army of fans follows nearly everything he does. Yet they also skew young, and shopping for snacks in their email is a relatively new activity. The question became: how can we give people a reason to engage with our emails, even if it isn’t just to shop?

No shortage of creativity

Take a look at the Feastables website, and it becomes clear very quickly: they understand how to build a cool brand. Building out their previous campaigns was amazing. We had launched an SMS collection, shoppable product drops, and Abandonment Flows to recover more lost conversion opportunities. But when Joseph mentioned using reverse psychology to experiment with the audience, everyone’s ears perked up. After all, what do young people do when you tell them NOT to do something? They do it!

Designing something never done before

Checkout the design of the email - don’t worry, we found it hard not to click too!


When users disobeyed the command and clicked the button, it flicked to another screen. And so on and so forth until finally, it let them out of their misery. The final click took the customer to the product page to shop for delicious chocolate.

Sustained engagement

The campaign was a phenomenal success. At 10.6% CTR with a 45% open rate, it was the Feastables team’s most engaged email of all time. But what followed was the real win. Since sending that email, clicks are up nearly 200% in the last 30 days compared to the previous period.


“The only thing that has changed was sending that email. Customer excitement and anticipation about our emails has never been higher”, Joseph said. “There hasn’t been much change to our designs. More so, it feels like customers are clicking on emails to test them out, and see if its interactive again.”

As a result, the “placed order” rate is up nearly 25% as well!

Easy to use, seamless implementation

Of course, we’re proud of our team’s work on this campaign and for putting it together on a quick turnaround. But don’t take it from us - hear it directly from Joe himself:

“Collaborating with the Spellbound team is a great experience. They took our idea and brought it to life on a super quick timeline. We’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in our emails with them moving forward.”

Now, the feastables team is using Spellbound’s Okendo widget for reviews, Postscript widget for SMS collection, and integrated our Abandonment widgets across their different flows. We can’t wait to continue supporting them in the quest for more email engagement!

Thanks for reading!

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