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Interactive Emails, Explained
Akshaya Dinesh
October 7, 2022

Marketing in the Fast Lane: Boosting Conversions with Interactive Email

Spellbound began because we had always been grappling with why our emails were receiving low click through rates and limited user engagement. The reality? Users don’t actually want to leave their inboxes. Two-factor authentication, external links, and navigating between sites causes unnecessary friction in making decisive actions, leaving users lost between pages and generally frustrated within the process of reaching their end destination.

Interactive email is a win-win!

On the consumer side, no one needs to leave their inbox to fill out a survey, make a purchase, leave a review, etc. For brands, enabling consumers to interact with emails directly creates additional opportunities to engage with email content.

Interactive emails have been around for a moment now! If you’ve used the G-suite, you may have seen Google’s emails come into your inbox when someone comments on a Google document you’ve been editing. This email should enable you to reply to their comment directly within your inbox, eliminating the need to click into the document, find any new comments, and reply from the actual Google document itself.

Spellbound works with brands to create an online storefront directly within the body of their emails. Here’s an example of Spellbound being used by Immi to allow customers to purchase ramen variety packs from within their inboxes!

Spellbound isn’t just limited to checkout - we also work with brands to enable them to embed reviews and surveys directly into their emails. Here’s an example of a brand collecting feedback without any external navigation away from the email itself!

Here’s another example of booking an introductory call or onboarding meeting directly from the inbox:

We worked with Mailgun to bolster their event sign-ups and received 80% more webinar registrations when we embedded registration directly within the body of an email!

So, how do I send an interactive email?

Most ESPs do support interactive emails powered with AMP including: Mailgun, Klaviyo, Sparkpost, SendGrid, Braze, Iterable,, and Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud

What are some of the use cases?

  • Collecting CRM data (user preferences, title, role, etc)
  • Surveys & efficient feedback colelction
  • Webinars, conferences, event registrations
  • Shopping inside of emails!
  • Image carousels
  • Taking product actions (approving transactions, replying to comments, etc)

Brands have worked with Spellbound across all of the above use cases - Kaja Beauty, Immi, and Mailgun have seen increased engagement after implementing interactivity in their emails!

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