7 Tips for Designing Shoppable Emails
How to optimize your marketing emails with Spellbound's interactive Shopify widgets to create the best Shoppable Email experience.
Akshaya Dinesh

Spellbound's Shoppable Emails bring the e-commerce experience directly into your customers' inbox. Never before have customers been able to interact with products like this, so here are a few tips on how to make the most of it!

Unfortunately, brands can miss out on potential conversion opportunities by making poor design decisions in their interactive emails (which is totally understandable given how new it is!), so we made this guide to make sure you're set up for success. 💪

Spellbound Tips

1. Highlight that the email is interactive

Customers are used to receiving emails that are static and have no interactivity. To train them to use this new medium, let them know there is something special with your email. Most successful campaigns & flows include some sort of call-out that the email is "shoppable" or "interactive".

We've gone ahead and created some for you to easily insert right now - just right click and download these assets to use them in your email:

2. Position the widget in the right place

The biggest mistake we see marketers make in designing Shoppable Emails is putting the shopping widget too low or too high up in the email. If your widget is too far down, customers won't scroll far enough to even browse through your products. And if the widget is the first thing they see, there might not be enough convincing to explain why they should purchase in the first place. Having just one image or a block of text above the widget can be the perfect amount, and secondary or additional content should go below the widget.

3. Use a darker button color

With any CTA or button, its important to optimize for visibility. When selecting your button color, aim for one on the darker side to create contrast with the widget background. For your text color, we recommend using white on buttons like "Add to Cart" and "Checkout" to make your CTA easy to read.

4. Include suggested products as an upsell.

Spellbound's shoppable widgets allows for stores to suggest products in addition to highlighting them or showing an abandoned cart. This creates a great opportunity to upsell / cross-sell complimentary products, and ultimately increase AOV.

5. Use language that points to the interactivity

Email interactivity opens up a whole new world of functionality that your customers can do without leaving your email. So, instead of encouraging them to click away, use words that encourage them to scroll down and interact.

6. Design a widget fallback

When inserting your widget, don't forget to design your Fallback. This will ensure your email looks good even for the rare customer whose email client doesn't support interactivity.

7. Ensure there is sufficient padding around the widget

By default, your widget will stretch to fill the width of your email. To clean up your aesthetics, we suggest putting the widget in a Section element to create a little spacing from the edges. Our minimum recommended amount is 5-20px around all corners of the widget. (Trust us, it looks better on mobile.)

Use these 7 tips and watch that email conversion rate skyrocket!

Got questions, comments or suggestions? Shoot us an email!

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